Recombinant Activated Factor VII Is Safe in Patients With Hemophilia A Experiencing Breakthrough Bleeding 

Recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) is a safe and effective therapy for treating breakthrough bleeds (BTBs) in patients with hemophilia A, according to a study published in Haemophilia. Although emicizumab is an effective therapy for preventing bleeding, many patients still experience BTBs. Activated prothrombin complex concentrate (aPCC) is used for managing hemophilia-associated bleeding but is considered second-line due to potential complications. Real-world data suggests that BTBs still occur in patients on emicizumab therapy, regardless of age or inhibitor status. However, rFVIIa can be safely used to treat BTBs in patients with hemophilia A, including those with inhibitors, with no significant safety concerns.

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