Gut bacteria may contribute to kidney autoimmunity, study finds

Researchers have found that a specific bacteria species in the gut, Akkermansia muciniphila, can strip sugar from antibodies and make them unrecognizable to the immune system. This process may contribute to the development of IgA nephropathy, an autoimmune kidney disease. The bacteria alters the antibodies in a way that leads to kidney inflammation and potential…

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Hearing Loss: Can Mine Be Reversed?

Losing your hearing can be concerning, but many forms of hearing loss are treatable. Earwax buildup can cause hearing issues, but can often be treated at home using oil drops or over-the-counter products. Ear infections and sudden hearing loss can also be treated with medications or medical procedures. Gradual hearing loss due to aging or…

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Blood-Based Screening for CRC Promising but Lacks Efficacy

Blood-based screening for colorectal cancer (CRC), known as a “liquid biopsy,” may be used for patients who skip traditional screening tests, but cannot replace colonoscopy as the gold standard due to higher rates of false positives and false negatives. Two modeling studies and expert consensus suggest that while blood tests may be more convenient, they…

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