Moderna & Ionis-Partnered Biotech Lands $94M in IPO Cash for Gene-Editing R&D

Metagenomi, a company focused on gene-editing tools to correct disease-causing mutations, raised $93.75 million from its IPO, priced at $15 per share. Its research uses high-throughput screening and AI technology to mine novel proteins. The company aims to develop new gene-editing tools capable of correcting any genetic mutation. Metagenomi’s preclinical pipeline spans 13 programs targeting liver, central nervous system, and lungs, with partnerships with larger biotech companies like Moderna and Ionis Pharmaceuticals. The company is led by founder and CEO Brian Thomas and is financially backed by Bayer HealthCare and Moderna. Meanwhile, Telomir Pharmaceuticals also joined the Nasdaq with a $7 million IPO, focused on a small molecule to inhibit pro-inflammatory pathways.

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