Sleep Loss May Reduce Positivity, Increase Your Risk Of Anxiety

A new study by the American Psychological Association found that lack of proper sleep reduces positivity and increases the risk for anxiety symptoms in individuals. The study looked at data from 154 studies with 5,715 participants over 50 years to evaluate the impact of disrupted sleep on emotional well-being. It found that all three types of sleep deprivation, whether it involved extended wakefulness, shortened sleep duration, or periodic awakenings during the night, were associated with reduced positive emotions and increased anxiety symptoms. The study highlights the critical importance of adequate sleep for psychological health, especially in a society where a large percentage of adults and teens do not get enough sleep. Efforts should be made in various industries and sectors, such as first responders, pilots, and truck drivers, to prioritize sleep to mitigate against the risks to daytime function and well-being.

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