Vitality in the Supply Chain: The Limitless Potential of ATMPs

Scientists worldwide are researching advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs) to harness the body’s healing potential, revolutionizing healthcare. These living therapies, utilizing cells, proteins, tissues, and nucleic acids, offer curative potential for rare and stubborn diseases. Despite challenges in manufacturing and supply, ATMPs have shown promise, evidenced by 34,400 CAR-T cell therapies delivered. The field is expanding, with 34 FDA-approved therapies and more in development, such as allogeneic and gene therapies. Recent milestones include the first CRISPR-based drug approval for sickle cell disease. ATMPs also show potential in non-viral production methods and treating diseases like diabetes and spinal muscular atrophy. While ATMPs come with risks, their benefits in revolutionizing medical treatment are immense.

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