What we’ve learned from the Aduhelm mess

STAT publishes selected Letters to the Editor in response to First Opinion essays for robust, good-faith discussion. Jason Karlawish’s article on Aduhelm’s approval process raises concerns about the roles and incentives of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. John Haaga supports Karlawish’s points and advocates for public funding of FDA and NIH research for objectivity. Adina Wise discusses the ethical implications of watching football and the impact on players’ well-being. Former surgeons general recommend banning menthol cigarettes to save lives, an idea supported by Danny Patterson. Diana Zuckerman discusses the misunderstandings of safe and effective drugs and the role of diversity in healthcare. G. Luke Hartstein and John Torous emphasize the complexity of digital therapeutics and the need for innovation in the industry. Topher Scott discusses the challenges and potential for digital therapeutics to gain acceptance and make a practice-changing impact.

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