Vaginal oestrogen is a treatment on the rise, but is it safe?


Physician and postdoctoral researcher Amani Meaidi emphasizes the importance of further research on the safety of vaginal estrogen therapy for genitourinary syndrome of menopause as demand for the treatment increases. Genitourinary syndrome of menopause affects over 50% of women transitioning to menopause, causing symptoms such as pain during intercourse, vaginal irritation, and urinary tract infections. Vaginal estrogen therapy is the primary treatment for GSM, but its safety, particularly its potential to increase breast cancer risk, requires further investigation. A Danish nationwide study found no association between vaginal estrogen use and breast cancer, providing some reassurance. However, further research is needed to understand the complete risk profile of vaginal estrogen therapy. With the availability of vaginal estrogen tablets over the counter in the UK, it is crucial to ensure that women receive safe and effective treatment for GSM.

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