New medical AI launches, from India to Korea

Indian medical imaging AI company InMed AI has launched a new AI-powered tool, Neuroshield CT TBI, for screening traumatic brain injuries. This tool can detect intracranial haemorrhage, fractures, and midline shift on brain CT images, alerting clinicians to critical findings. In-Med recently received FDA clearance for its NeuroShield brain analysis software.’s AI-enabled tuberculosis solution, qSpot-TB, has received breakthrough device designation from the US FDA. VUNO will supply its AI-based chest X-ray solution to DRGem in South Korea. Kakao Brain has introduced KARA-CXR, an AI-driven radiology support solution for chest disease diagnoses, seeking regulatory approvals in South Korea, the US, and Europe. CEO Kim Il-doo plans to expand their AI solutions to include interactive functions for various medical imaging tests.

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