Lubiprostone, Linaclotide, and Elobixibat Improve Chronic Constipation

Lubiprostone, linaclotide, and elobixibat increase the mean spontaneous bowel movement (SBM) frequency in patients with chronic constipation (CC), according to a study in BMC Gastroenterology. The study reviewed 24 articles to compare the effects of the approved doses of these medications. Lubiprostone, linaclotide, and elobixibat were associated with an increased risk of diarrhea. The study had limitations, including the majority of studies being from Japan, a small number of studies in the meta-analysis, a treatment duration of a week, and efficacy assessment using SBM. Further research is needed to address the unmet needs of patients with CC and to determine the appropriate population for each drug. The research was supported by Viatris Pharmaceuticals Japan, Inc.

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