Horse Sedative Use Among Humans Spreads in Deadly Mixture of ‘Tranq’ and Fentanyl

Andrew McClave Jr., a bodybuilder who suffered from back problems, was found dead in bed with a fatal amount of fentanyl, cocaine, and xylazine in his system. Xylazine, a veterinary tranquilizer, has been linked to over 260 accidental overdose deaths in Florida in 2022. While xylazine complicates opioid overdoses and is not affected by naloxone, it is often mixed with other drugs like fentanyl. Lawmakers have made xylazine a Schedule 1 drug, but its use continues to spread. The drug’s impact includes mysterious wounds that have been showing up in individuals who consume it. The epidemic of xylazine use has become a growing concern among health officials and lawmakers.

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