Novel Antibiotic To Treat Drug-Resistant Bacteria? Zosurabalpin Shows Promising Results In Mice


Scientists have developed a new antibiotic, Zosurabalpin, to treat drug-resistant bacteria that cause deadly infections in humans. This antibiotic has shown promising results in treating highly drug-resistant strains of Carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (CRAB) in mouse models. CRAB is a pathogen resistant to almost all antibiotics and responsible for deadly infections in the blood, urinary tract, and lungs, especially among hospitalized patients and nursing home residents. Zosurabalpin could considerably reduce bacterial levels in mouse models with CRAB-induced pneumonia and prevent death in mice with CRAB-related sepsis. This drug is a scientific breakthrough that could help identify other drugs that work similarly against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antimicrobial resistance is a “silent pandemic” projected to claim more lives than cancer, and the new drug is currently in phase 1 clinical trials.

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