Neurotechnology-Based RecoveriX Treatment Provides Safer Alternative To Medications For Stroke And MS Patients

The rising prevalence of neurological conditions like stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS) has heightened the need for effective treatment options. The World Health Organization reports a 50% increase in the lifetime risk of stroke over the past 17 years, with close to 3 million people affected by MS worldwide. Current medications for these conditions have limited effectiveness in restoring function, and alternative treatments like botulinum toxin injections are short-term and costly. However, the brain-computer interface neurorehabilitation treatment, recoveriX, has shown promise in aiding stroke and MS patients. Developed by g.tec medical engineering, recoveriX uses electrical stimulation to help patients regain function in their impaired limbs, with demonstrated improvements in motor skills, cognitive function, and quality of life. Despite initial hesitancy from some medical professionals and insurance companies, recoveriX is now available in multiple countries and its positive impact is gaining recognition.

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