Microbial decoration enhances drug delivery specificity and safety

A new publication in Acta Materia Medica journal discusses the importance of microorganisms in physiological and metabolic processes and their potential role in drug delivery. Microbial decoration, which involves altering the properties of microbial surfaces, has shown promise in enhancing drug delivery, particularly in cancer therapy, gene therapy, and vaccine delivery. The article reviews various microbial decoration methods, such as biotin-affinity and gene decoration technologies, and highlights their potential to improve drug delivery systems. The authors also discuss the future opportunities and applications of microbial decoration in drug delivery. The reference for the article is He, T., et al. (2023). Advances in microbial decorations and its applications in drug delivery. Acta Materia Medica. doi.org/10.15212/amm-2023-0036.

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