High-Quality Carbohydrate Consumption Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome


A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that middle-aged men who follow a high-quality carbohydrate diet have a reduced prevalence of metabolic syndrome. The study evaluated the association between adherence to the carbohydrate quality index (CQI) and the occurrence of metabolic syndrome. The participants had a lower risk of metabolic syndrome and hypertriglyceridemia with higher CQI scores. The study included 2316 men and found that the overall prevalence of metabolic syndrome was 27.5%, with the lowest and highest CQI cohorts having rates of 27.5% and 23.7%, respectively. The research concluded that there is a protective association between high-quality carbohydrate consumption and metabolic syndrome and hypertriglyceridemia in middle-aged men.

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