WeightWatchers Launches New GLP-1 Support Program

WeightWatchers has launched a new program to support people taking GLP-1 medications, as well as a WeightWatchers Clinic offering medication management and access to a care team. The GLP-1 program provides daily nutritional and activity targets, recommended foods, recipes, food and activity tracking, a digital community, virtual workshops and access to coaches. The WeightWatchers Clinic offers clinical support, including a care coordinator, registered dietitian, fitness specialist, and clinician. Both programs are accessible through the company’s app and are available direct-to-consumer, as well as for employers, payers, and providers. The GLP-1 program starts at $23 a month, while WeightWatchers Clinic costs $99 a month. Other companies, such as Omada and Noom, have also launched programs for those taking GLP-1s.

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