New Surgical Tool Delivers Safe and Effective Uterine Prolapse Repair

The EnPlace surgical device offers a minimally invasive treatment option for women suffering from pelvic organ/uterine prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when muscles and tissues of the pelvic floor become weak and organs sag into the pelvic cavity, and transabdominal sacrocolpopexy has been the traditional treatment. However, due to complications, mesh repair is no longer preferred. EnPlace is a tool specifically designed for use during sacrospinous ligament fixation (SSLF) surgery, reducing invasiveness and providing positive outcomes for patients. It is effective in preventing recurrent prolapse and offers a safe and minimally invasive alternative for women with uterine prolapse. Although more data is needed, EnPlace has the potential to be a preferred treatment option for uterine prolapse patients.

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