‘I’ll Ask My Wife About This’: The Silly Things Women’s Health Entrepreneurs Hear From Male VCs


CEO and co-founder of vaginal health company Evvy, Priyanka Jain, faced challenges when raising funds due to a lack of awareness and understanding about women’s health conditions, such as vaginal infections, from investors, many of whom were men. Women’s health startups face difficulty in securing funds due to stigmatization and lack of empathy from both male and female investors. Despite raising millions, entrepreneurs such as Jain and others have had difficulties being taken seriously and being passed off to assistants or wives for evaluation of their product. Investors acknowledge that women’s health companies struggle more to get funding compared to men’s health startups, with struggles attributed to the gender makeup of individual venture capital firms. Major challenges to securing funds for women’s health companies include stigmatization, a lack of awareness, and discomfort around taboo subjects.

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