‘Financial Ruin Is Baked Into the System’: Readers on the Costs of Long-Term Care


Readers reacted strongly to the “Dying Broke” series about the financial burden of long-term care in the United States, with over 4,200 comments offering criticisms of the government and market failures that drain the savings of American families. Many suggested solutions, including expanding government payments for care and allowing more immigrants to stay in the country to help meet the demand for workers. Some readers blamed the for-profit nature of American medicine and its industry for depleting the financial resources of older people, while others noted the financial benefits of moving to other countries with affordable care. Discussions on insurance policies, the value of life-prolonging procedures, and the need for a federal long-term care system were also prominent in the reactions. Suggestions for more immigrant workers and appeals for federal fixes were proposed, and there were opposing views on establishing a better financing system for long-term care and the need for individuals to take more responsibility for saving for old age.

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