Bruker showcases high-performance solutions at Analytica 2024 for research and analysis in applied, industrial and biopharma laboratories

Bruker Corporation is showcasing several innovative solutions at Analytica 2024, including the EVOQ DART-TQ⁺ mass spectrometer for high-throughput testing without upfront chromatography. The ecTOF GC-HRMS improves compound identification speed and accuracy. The BEAM FT-NIR process analyzer enhances quality control in manufacturing processes. The D6 PHASER advances XRD methods for cleantech markets. The Fourier 80 X-optimized 1H/7Li system aids in battery research. The Avance Chemical Profiling Module simplifies NMR analysis. The MGA series gas analyzer detects various pollutants. The S4 T-STAR® enables non-destructive material analysis. Biopharma solutions include the Fourier 80 benchtop FT-NMR with synTQ NMR PAT adapter for process optimization, and the Triceratops SPR #64 for molecular interaction characterization.

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