Novel Parkinson’s Disease Drug Will Join AbbVie With Positive Phase 3 Data In Hand

An experimental Parkinson’s disease drug, tavapadon, has shown promising results in a pivotal study conducted by Cerevel Therapeutics. The drug led to a longer time of motor symptom control in patients with Parkinson’s, with statistically significant increases in “on” time. Tavapadon targets specific dopamine receptors in the brain, aiming to provide better motor control with fewer side effects. The Phase 3 study enrolled 507 adults and showed positive results in increasing “on” time and reducing “off” time. The drug was well tolerated by patients, and full results will be presented at future medical meetings to support regulatory submissions. AbbVie is set to acquire Cerevel, adding to its neuroscience portfolio and potentially offering a new treatment option for Parkinson’s patients.

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