Lancet study reveals alarming global obesity trends in 2022

A new study by the Lancet reveals that over 1 billion people worldwide are living with obesity in 2022, with rates doubling among adults and quadrupling among children since 1990. Despite a decrease in undernutrition, it remains a challenge in certain regions. Countries with the highest rates of both underweight and obesity are in the Pacific, Caribbean, Middle East, and North Africa. Malnutrition encompasses undernutrition, inadequate nutrients, overweight, and obesity, leading to various health issues. The WHO emphasizes the importance of prevention and management through various interventions, including healthy practices, regulations on marketing, school policies, education campaigns, and integration of obesity services into primary care. The WHO Acceleration Plan aims to address obesity through various interventions, but challenges remain in implementation. Dr. Branca stresses the need for multisectoral action to address undernutrition.

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