Cardio Diagnostics Holdings partners with Navierre for cardiac testing

Cardio Diagnostics Holdings is partnering with Navierre to improve accessibility of cardiovascular risk assessments using AI technology. Their AI solutions, Epi+GenCHD and PrecisionCHD, provide personalized information on coronary heart disease risk using blood samples. The PrecisionCHD test, released in 2023, can be done at home, in a clinic, or via mobile phlebotomy. This partnership aims to bring cardiac care to underserved communities, including rural areas. Navierre clinicians can order tests or patients can request them from home, and the platform allows for telehealth consultations and health record tracking. Cardio Diagnostics recently regained compliance with Nasdaq listing requirements and introduced the HeartRisk platform for workplace cardiovascular health. Navierre added two board members with healthcare leadership experience.

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