Atlantic Health System Deploys Tech to Better Manage Polypharmacy Patients

Atlantic Health System has partnered with FeelBetter, a startup based in Tel Aviv and Boston, to adopt their technology for managing polypharmacy patients who take five or more medications simultaneously. The platform aims to address the growing public health concern of senior patients being prescribed multiple medications, leading to poor health outcomes, increased healthcare costs, and avoidable deaths. FeelBetter’s personalized medication management platform proactively identifies high-risk patients and suggests interventions to prevent hospitalizations due to suboptimal medication management. The technology will be deployed across three accountable care organizations serving over 100,000 Medicare beneficiaries and 420,000 patients with commercial insurance. FeelBetter’s main competitors are Arine and Tabula Rasa, but they differentiate themselves by targeting providers and integrating both electronic medical records and claims data. The startup plans to announce more health system customers in the future.

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