“What’s the Scope with FEES and Videostrobe?”

At SNR we love raising awareness of the latest evidence-based practices pertaining to our specialty areas of swallowing and voice diagnostics and treatment. On March 27, 2018 we hosted a presentation on fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) procedures and videostroboscopy voice assessments to our speech pathology colleagues from St. John Medical Center, Hillcrest Medical Center, St. Francis Medical Center, and many local skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies. The presentation included a live endoscopy demonstration as well as discussion of several abnormal finding clips from various patient cases. Thank you to everyone who attended locally and to everyone long distance who watched our live stream of the presentation. If you have any questions about FEES or videostroboscopy or how these tools can help your patients, please reach out to us and we’re happy to help. We now offer mobile FEES and videostrobe at bedside for inpatients and are happy to act as ongoing consultants to our SLP colleagues in hospital, SNF, and HH settings to help them provide better care to their swallowing and voice patients.
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