“What Size Breast Implants Should I Get?”

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When women come to me seeking breast implants, they often ask “How much larger should I go?”

The size of the breast implants will be added to your existing breast size, so the question becomes: “What size implants do I add to the breast tissue I am starting with to give me the total size that I want?”

Shooting for a specific bra size is not a great idea

Bra makers vary and you could be a 34C in Calvin Klein or a 38D in Victoria’s Secret.

What we really care is how the breasts look, to get the look you like.

Since we are after a certain “look”, this process is done visually, in three ways.

First, we look at pictures.

Pictures you can bring in or pictures in our plastic surgery before and after galleries.

This is a great way to start the conversation.

Secondly, we have sizer implants to put in your bra and wear under your clothes.

You can take them home and try them out in a variety of situations.

The third way is the VECTRA, which is a 3-D computer simulation based upon a 3-D image that we take of your body.

The computer will show you a simulation of what you will look like with any size or type of implant.


With Vectra 3-D imaging, you can “Try Before You Buy”

With the click of a mouse  you can “try on” as many implants as you wish.

The computer can even show you the effects of a breast lift with implants, if that is what you are considering.

Think of it as the computer doing surgery on your image.

Most of the time we use all three methods.

The size and type of the implants is very important because we want you to like the way you look.


Have more questions about breast implants?

Check out our video gallery about breast augmentation.

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