What Causes High Blood Pressure in Children?

Today not just adults, children too are being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Specifically, children below 10 yrs of age are at risk of blood pressure. Usually, children suffer from high BP due to other medical conditions, however, it is a fact that lifestyle is one of the major factors behind such irregularities in the body system.

Identification of symptoms diagnosis and treatment at an early stage can helps control the intensification of the problem. Early detection and prevention are imperative as it shapes the entire future and the life a child will lead.

High Blood Pressure – Medical Issue

Also known as hypertension, high blood Pressure is the pressure of blood on the walls of the vessels. It is one of the important signs that simply indicates the health condition of an individual. The factors that are responsible for blood pressure measurement are cardiac output, the stiffness of arteries, and total peripheral resistance.

In adults, hypertension can be monitored by matching different readings taken on alternate days and per week. However, in children, despite the availability of standard automated tests, it is hard to identify the presence of blood pressure complexities.

In order to determine whether the child has high blood pressure or not, doctors generally use charts based on child’s height, sex, and blood pressure numbers.

What causes child’s risk for High BP?

High blood pressure in children has become a big issue. Kids below 10 are at high risk. Obesity is the greatest contributor in the increasing number of cases of hypertension in kids. Poor diet and lack of physical activity enhance the risk of hypertension for children. If not treated on time, blood pressure might bring other serious conditions including heart and kidney diseases and diabetes.

Secondary hypertension, hereditary and lifestyle habits are two common factors that might lead to high blood pressure in children.

  • Secondary Hypertension: It can occur due to some disease or medications.
  • Hereditary & Lifestyle Factors: Family history, obesity, and eating habits

Diagnosis of High Blood Pressure in Children

In order to diagnose blood pressure, three measurements are generally taken to determine whether the child’s BP is higher or normal. In case of hypertension, then the doctor will take a reading at the six-month interval, along with suggesting preventive diet and some medication if necessary.

If your child is complaining of fatigue, headaches, blurred vision, nose bleeding or any kind of weakness on one side of the face consult a medical specialist at the earliest.

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