Videostroboscopy Video with Rigid Endoscope

Have you wondered what a videostroboscopy assessment is actually like? Check out this video of our very own SLP Stacy’s rigid endoscopy eval where we take a look at her vocal cords!
For this procedure, the rigid oral scope is inserted in to the very back of the mouth, and the patient makes a few different sounds for us, going both high and low in pitch so we can see the full movement of the vocal cords in each direction. The strobe light we have paired with the endoscope allows us to view the vocal cord vibration in slow motion, which otherwise moves too quickly for the naked eye to see. The procedure only takes a matter of seconds!
This quick and easy assessment provides so much useful diagnostic information! We are able to play back the video in slow motion to analyze how well the vocal cords open, close, vibrate, etc. This gives us the necessary information to provide the best course of treatment and determine what specific types of exercises or strategies are needed to make the necessary improvements with voice quality. We work closely with several local ENTs and frequently treat voice disorders related to muscle tension dysphonia, vocal nodules, vocal fold paralysis/paresis, vocal fold bowing due to age, and dysarthria (voice impairments due to underlying neurological causes, such as Parkinson’s disease).
Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We love what we do and are happy to help!
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