One of the problems patients may face after plastic surgery is being unable to pass urine. While it is a very common problem with major surgeries, plastic surgery patients may also experience the problem, though it is not as common. So, why are some patients unable to urine after plastic surgery?

The condition is referred to as urinary retention. If you experience this problem when you are still in the surgical facility, you should not panic because you have the medical staff at your disposal. However, if you experience urinary retention at home after your plastic surgery, you should seek immediate treatment. You should call your surgeon or an emergency medical service. Remember, if your bladder is not emptied on time, you may experience major complications in the kidneys and bladder.

A primary cause of urinary retention after plastic surgery is general anesthesia. If your surgery is performed under general anesthesia, there is a risk that your bladder muscle movements may be blocked. It is a temporary problem, though. As soon as the effects of the general anesthesia wane, you will gradually regain your natural bladder contraction capability. However, your doctor may recommend a urinary catheter to be put in place until you are able to urinate naturally.

The second cause for urinary retention is anatomy barrier. You may find it difficult to urinate because of a structural blockage in the urethra. If you are a man, an enlarged prostate may also cause urinary retention after plastic surgery. Combined with the effects of anesthesia, you may not be able to urinate. Women who have had procedures like bladder suspension operations in the past may also experience a similar situation.

The third common cause of urinary retention after plastic surgery is a reaction to your medications. If you are already taking drugs, they may react negatively with your pain medication. This can lead to urinary retention. This is the reason why many surgeons advise patients to stop taking certain drugs before and after the surgery for a certain period of time.

So, what should you do if you experience urinary retention? If you are not experiencing any physical discomfort, you should take slow and short walks to help metabolize the anesthesia and medicine. Sitting in a warm bathtub may also help trigger bladder contraction. In some cases, applying physical pressure will also aid regain your urination capability. If these methods don’t help, call your doctor or an emergency medical facility.

In most cases, the treatment for urinary retention will be the placement of a urinary catheter. The catheter is basically made of rubber with a band attached to it. A doctor or nurse inserts the catheter in the urethra in a medical facility. The urine collected in the bladder will pass through the catheter into the attached bag without requiring you to apply physical effort. The urine bag will then be emptied. In most cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics be taken for as long as the catheter is in place.



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