Upper Lip Lift Surgery

Upper Lip Lift Surgery

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures of the Lips and Mouth: Lip Lift Surgery in Melbourne

We all know that face lift surgery and eyelid surgery are popular ways to rejuvenate an ageing face.  But another popular plastic surgery procedure in facial rejuvenation for men and women is known as Upper Lip Lift surgery.

An upper lip lift procedure can shorten or reduce the length of the philtrum, that area between the nose and upper lip.  It’s known as a surgical lip lift or upper lift lip procedure.  This lip lift procedure, primarily cosmetic in nature, is also called the bullhorn lip lift.  Read more about the LIP LIFT surgery procedure here.

Why is an upper lip lift called a Bullhorn Lip Lift?

The Lip Lift surgical procedure gets that name because of the ‘bullhorn’ curves of the incision made by your Plastic Surgeon. These are made just under the nose, and allows the surgeon to raise the upper lip line to enhance both your facial appearance AND your smile. The procedure reveals more of the upper teeth line and prevents a ‘bottom tooth only’ smile appearance for select patients.  Not everyone will be a good candidate for the procedure, but you can schedule an assessment with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon by phoning (03) 8849 1444 and asking for Dr Richard Sackelariou, our lip expert. He’s also highly regarded for  his chin augmentation procedures.

  • This curved-incision line is made along the nostril areas to help reduce the philtrum.
  • It allows your Plastic Surgeon to gentle elevate the upper lift and shorten an otherwise elongated philtrum.
  • Shortening the philtrum through facial surgery, especially when combined with lip filler or other lip augmentation procedures, can have a rejuvenating effect on the face and smile.
  • The incision line often heals very nicely for most patients.


Read more about this Lip Lift procedure:

Bullhorn Lip Lift Surgery


Lip Lift Surgery - Options for a bullhorn lip lift In Melbourne

What are the cosmetic benefits of having an upper lip lift procedure?

  • Balances out the lower to mid face area (improves aesthetic proportions around the upper lip/mouth area)
  • Enhances a smile
  • Rejuvenates the face by reducing sagging skin or an elongated philtrum between the nose and upper lip
  • Improves the smile by revealing more of the eye teeth.
  • Can prevent the appearance of a protruding lower row of teeth

Read our Bullhorn Lip Lift procedure page for details.


Plastic Surgery in the News:  Celebrities who Had Lip Lift Surgery


Again, Upper Lip Lift surgery is NOT only for facial rejuvenation. Many younger individuals have this procedure performed, including celebrities.

The reason it’s chosen by individuals with an elongated philtrum, or a bottom-tooth prominent smile,  is that it can enhance the facial appearance and smile.  Men and women of a wide range of ages can benefit from this procedure.

The upper lip lift plastic surgery procedure can also effectively be combined with other facial surgery. This might include skin resurfacing, lower face lift or mid-face lift, eyelid reduction surgery, chin augmentation and more.

Celebrities who had an Upper Lip Lip or Rhinoplasty

Celebrity Megan Leto Marx recently posted about her Lip Lift surgery (she also had Rhinoplasty surgery) on her Instagram Account.

Here’s an excerpt from her post about her Sydney surgery:

megan.leto.marx “Why do you look different?” – a question that’s popped up a lot on my socials over the last two months. After a lot of consideration (and excitement), I had rhinoplasty and a lip lift ….I’m preparing a blog to detail my whole experience which will go live next week – so fire away with any specific questions you might have that I can answer!  …. 😛)


Can you tell if someone has had an upper lift lift or bullhorn lip lift?

The answer is, usually not.  What you notice are the upper teeth and not the lip. But every patient is different and you need to discuss incision lines and healing capacities with your Plastic Surgeon.

Typically the incision lines are placed in a strategic position where they fade into the natural lines or contours of the skin around the underside of the nostrils or nose.

  • If you look closely at a person who’s had an upper lift lift, you may or may not notice tell tale signs of a bullhorn lip lift.
  • For most healthy patients who heal well, follow post-surgery recovery protocols and who never smoke, the incision line after a lip lift will often appear barely visible after it fully heals.

That’s partially because of where the incisions are placed. The incision line typically follows the natural contours of the under-nose or under-nostril area, where the philtrum is reduced by removing a bit of skin to redefine or improve the appearance of the above-lip area and smile.

Combining an Upper Lip Lift with Lip Augmentation can enhance the rejuvenation impact of a bullhorn lip lift

Combined with precision suturing when an upper lip lift is performed by a highly respected Plastic Surgeon, such as Dr Richard Sackelariou in Melbourne and Sydney, the results can sometimes dramatically improve a person’s smile and help rejuvenate the face.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Sackelariou, is our team’s GO TO Surgeon for upper lip lift surgery for men and women.

Phone our Patient Care Coordinators on (03) 8849 1444 to book a no-obligation consultation to discuss your suitability for an upper lip lift.

lip-lift-upper-lip-surgery in Melbourne by Dr Sackelariou

What will my scars look like after having lip lift surgery?

  • All surgical incisions leave some visible traces.
  • However, depending on where the incision line is made, the surrounding skin texture or facial contours, how the incision line heals – and whether or not it can fade naturally into the skin folds or skin creases in that area, it can often be disguised to the degree no one will know you’ve had surgery.
  • As above, the lip lift incision is made under the nose and nostril areas, following the facial curves and facial contours in that area. So the lip lift incision tends to become disguised by existing skin textures and existing lines or facial contours in that area.
  • BUT every patient is unique, and a trained eye might spot the incision lines.
  • Plus, it can vary depending on your skin type, skin tone, skin thickness and healing capacities.
  • Remember, every patient is different.  Ask your Specialist Plastic Surgeon for details.


After healing from a lip lift, the incision line is barely noticeably for many patients as it follows the line under the nostrils (but every patient is unique, and all surgery leaves an incision line mark or scar, so ask your Surgeon for details).

Remember, every patient is different, and your skin may heal differently from another patient. The best thing you can do to understand what scar you might have after surgery is to speak with your Plastic Surgeon and to ask to see Before and After Lip Lift photos when you attend a confidential LIP LIFT consultation at our Melbourne Clinic.

Shortening the distance between the nostrils and the edge of your upper lip can have a highly rejuvenating effect.

But an Upper Lift Lift is not just for an ageing face.

Younger individuals also choose a lip lift when they have inherited an elongated philtrum that leaves them looking ‘long in the face’ or with a lower-teeth prominent smile.


The benefits of an upper lip lift may include:

  • Revealing more of your upper teeth to rejuvenate or improve your facial appearance when smiling or talking
  • Giving your smile a more balanced or harmonious appearance
    • enhancing your smile when, prior to the lip lift, the bottom teeth featured overly prominently in the smile
    • reducing the impression of having a protruding lower jawline or lower teeth-line when the upper lift is covered by a sagging or elongated philtrum
  • Improving the ratio of the lower face or balancing out the upper, mid and lower face
  • Allowing the lips to appear fuller or more noticeably plump, especially if further enhanced with lip augmentation using soft-feeling, natural looking state of the art lip filler injection treatments


Read more about the ‘Bullhorn Lip Lift’ surgery procedure here:

Bullhorn Lip Lift Surgery


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