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No longer is liposuction just used on the abdomen. Patients who come to us from Albany and beyond appreciate the versatility of liposuction — and it can also treat places like the arms, buttocks, legs, and more.

At our plastic surgery practice, patients often bring in pictures of celebrities as models of what they want to look like. It is not uncommon for people to look to celebrities and Hollywood for beauty trends. Whether it be Kylie Jenner’s plumped pout, Beyonce’s hourglass curves, or JLo’s perky buttocks, celebs are constantly inspiring trends.

The latest trend? Thighlighting. With red carpets full of minidresses and high slits, smooth, toned legs are as popular as ever. Using a combination of procedures, help you get the legs you’ve always wanted.

What Is Thighlighting?

Thighlighting incorporates different body contouring procedures on a patient’s legs. It can include one or more of the following: thigh lift, contouring of the inner and outer thighs, and of course, liposuction. These procedures work together to elongate the legs and make a patient’s body more proportional overall.

Liposuction on the Thighs

The contouring of the legs will mostly be done using liposuction. Your surgeon will make small incisions on the thighs, and will use a thin tube, called a cannula, to suction unwanted fatty tissue. The whole procedure takes a couple hours to perform, depending on the particular treatment area of the patient. Most patients go home within the same day as the surgery, and can recover in the comfort of their own homes — but keep in mind that you combine liposuction with other procedures, you do also add time to your recovery.

You will see bruising and swelling around the incision areas on the thighs. However, any discomfort can be managed by a prescription from your surgeon. You may have to wear a compression garment for the first few weeks, but you can return to work after a week if you feel up to it.

Patients achieve the best results by resting, following the surgeon’s instructions, and scheduling follow-up appointments. Postoperative check-ups are important, but also feel free to ask questions at any point along the way (don’t feel like you have to hold them until your check-up).

Thighlighting Results

It’s all about correcting irregularities and improving leg contours to create symmetry, elongate the legs, and improve body proportions. The procedure can enhance natural features and unveil your confidence along with new contours.

And of course, there’s at least one tangible benefit: You won’t have to rely on loose-fitting clothes or pants to feel comfortable in public. Now you can rock the outfit that’s been sitting in your closet for years.

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