The Therapeutic Potential of Nerve Block Procedures for Headaches

When patients visit the Midwest Neurology Associates seeking relief from headaches and other painful conditions, we discuss the options available to them—personalizing our treatment plans specifically for them, their medical status, and their lifestyles. Utilizing the latest techniques, and state-of-the-art technologies, our board-certified doctors, neurologists, and medical staff ensure that our patients receive the best, and most compassionate care possible.

In treating chronic headaches and migraines, one technique that we frequently employ is known as a nerve block procedure.

Medical Research

According to studies conducted throughout the United States, peripheral nerve blocks can be an extremely effective remedy for a range of headache disorders. Performed by a medical expert, a nerve block procedure also proves to be highly safe and efficient in its delivery.

Since 2010, a growing number of doctors and neurologists have been turning to nerve blocks to treat conditions like occipital neuralgia and chronic migraines. Patients who receive these nerve block treatments often report immediate relief, bringing great joy to medical practitioners, as well as those suffering.

A Rapid Procedure

Patients who receive nerve block procedures appreciate the speed, and the ease with which the procedure is conducted. Like our infusion therapy service near Dyer, IN, peripheral nerve blocks follow a diagnosis and consultation by one of our board-certified neurologists. When procedures are performed at our medical center, they typically take only a few minutes, allowing patients the opportunity to return to work without any lingering side effects or prolonged recovery.

Viable Candidates

Of all the patients we treat with nerve block procedures, the most viable include those who have failed to respond to painkillers and other home medications. In fact, nerve blocks have proven to be ideal for weaning our patients off their prescriptions. Although often excluded from certain therapies, both children and pregnant women may be administered nerve block procedures with favorable results.

Because of our success in treating headache disorders with nerve block procedures, sometimes in conjunction with infusion therapy, our medical center near Munster, IN can confidently treat all ranges of chronic headaches and migraines, promptly and compassionately. Learn more by giving us a call at 219-200-4676.

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