The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping Surgery)


The ear reshaping surgery is among the top 10 most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S.

What can ear surgery do for you?

  • Ear surgery can improve: The position or proportion of the ear.
  • Ear surgery can correct: A defect in the ear structure.
  • Ear surgery can treat: Misshapen ears caused by injury.

 Ear Surgery Can Treat

  • Macrotia: Overly large ears
  • Protruding ears
  • A previous ear surgery

Facts about Otoplasty

  • You’re never too old for Otoplasty
  • It won’t hurt that much
  • Your ears will never be perfectly identical
  • It uses permanent sutures that come undone
  • You may want to quit contact sports after getting it done


Having a procedure at a young age is ideal.

The cartilage is firmer in a fully developed ear, which makes it harder to be molded.

Procedure can be performed at any age after the ears have reached full size – which is around 5 to 6 years old.

Children who are good candidates

  • Are healthy
  • Don’t present a life-threatening illness
  • Don’t have untreated chronic ear infections
  • Follow instructions well
  • Communicate feelings

Teenagers and adults who are good candidates

  • Are healthy
  • Don’t present a life-threatening illness
  • Don’t have medical conditions that can impair healing
  • Are non-smokers
  • Are positive
  • Have specific goals in mind for ear surgery

Who cannot have ear surgery?

  • You should be in good general health and have realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery.
  • If you are prone to keloid (red, angry, raised) scars, or have a history of problems with wound healing, it is not recommended to have this procedure done.

The procedure

  • Incision behind the ear
    • In the natural fold were the ear and the head join
  • Cartilage and skin are molded
    • In some cases, sutures will be applied to secure the new shape in place
  • Natural healing will orient the ear into the desired position
  • Dressings are applied to aid in healing and comfort


  • Your sleep patterns may be disrupted for a week or so if you’re used to sleeping on your side
  • Wear a headband for a couple of weeks to hold the ears in the desired position
  • Scar will be hidden in the natural crease behind the ear

Otoplasty Costs

Costs may include:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Facility costs
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medical tests
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