​The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Surgeon for a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, like any other plastic surgery, requires a great deal of skill and experience to get it right. This is why it is so important to choose your plastic surgeon wisely. A good surgeon will leave you 100% happy with the end results of the surgery whereas a poorly qualified surgeon could leave you in pain and misery as you are forced to undergo multiple corrective surgeries to fix what they messed up.

There have been so many cases of botched surgeries over the years that a reality television show called “Botched” was created to showcase some of the more extreme examples of poor plastic surgery work.

When it comes time to select a surgeon, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that “cost” should be the last thing you take into consideration. Good surgeons cost good money because of the high rate of their patient satisfaction. Be very wary of doctors who offer “specials” or “groupon discounts” for their procedures. No good surgeon worth his/her salt would ever run a coupon special for their services.

Plastic surgery tourism

When it comes to plastic surgery, not everyone can afford to get the work they want done. This is why many people make the mistake of traveling to a foreign country to get operated on. Doctors in such countries as Thailand and Mexico will perform rhinoplasty for a fraction of what a qualified surgeon in America would charge.

While this may seem like a deal on the surface, you’re literally putting your life on the line when visiting a foreign country to save a few bucks on a plastic surgery procedure. Such countries as Mexico and Thailand do not have the same stringent requirements for their surgeons as we do here in America. If something goes wrong with your surgery in a foreign country, your legal recourse options are slim to none.

Recently, a woman in Thailand sought out a plastic surgeon to perform her rhinoplasty. The procedure went horribly wrong and the implant wound up leaking through her nose. Another woman posted a picture to social media of her nasal implant protruding through the top of her nose.

How can you tell if the surgeon is qualified?

Aside from having your surgery performed in the U.S., there are a few things you can do to ease your mind and confirm that the prospective surgeon is more than qualified to not only perform the operation – but has the experience that will result in 100% satisfaction on your part.

You can start your research here on the internet. Simply type their name into a Google search and see what comes up. A lady in Huntington Beach, California failed to do so and wound up paying for it. Had she checked with the California Medical Board she would have realized that the surgeon already had two malpractice judgements against him.

Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a plastic surgeon:

Make sure the surgeon is board-certified  When it comes to plastic surgery, there are many “boards” out there, but one of the most prestigious and hard to get into is the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (FACS). Doctors who are active members of the FACS have had more comprehensive training in facial surgery than any other medical specialty.

Make sure the surgeon has a specialty – Technically, as long as you are a medical doctor, you can perform surgery. This means a foot doctor can legally perform breast implants – although it’s probably best if you don’t let your podiatrist give you breast implants.

Surgeons who specialize in a particular area (such as the face and neck) are arguable better surgeons than those who only perform face and neck surgeries every so often. By choosing a specialization, the doctor dedicates years and even decades to perfecting his craft. A doctor that specializes in face and neck surgeries has a skill set that is the best of the very best.

Awards and Certifications  When sitting down with the surgeon in your pre-surgery consolation, ask if they have won any awards or have had any honors bestowed upon them. A surgeon that has multiple awards and honors bestowed upon him means that other doctors have recognized that he is good at what he does.

Education – Surgeons that come from good universities and have had their residence in well recognized medical institutions (such as Johns Hopkins Hospital) are good indicators that they are qualified to perform their job.

Rhinoplasty in Baltimore

When you allow a surgeon to operate on your body, you’re entrusting your looks and your life to them. This is why it’s so important to make sure the surgeon is not only qualified but has the experience necessary to give you the look you’re trying to achieve.

Dr. Capone of the Baltimore Center is a distinguished and qualified surgeon with years of practice under his belt. He is a member of a prestigious medical board (FACS) and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about how Dr. Capone can give you the nose you’ve always wanted!

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