Temporomandibular Joint Imaging – PubMed


. 2023 Apr;67(2):227-241.

doi: 10.1016/j.cden.2022.11.001.

Epub 2023 Feb 1.


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Steven R Singer et al.

Dent Clin North Am.

2023 Apr.


Prescriptions for imaging studies for temporomandibular disorders are based on the patient’s complaint, history, and clinical findings. Appropriate selection criteria and justification for imaging examinations must be followed. Because the temporomandibular joint is composed of both hard and soft tissues, different studies are prescribed based on the clinically suspected condition. Current imaging modalities include panoramic radiographs, cone-beam computed tomography, and MRI. The entire examination must be interpreted, and the findings recorded in the patient record. No one imaging modalities is suitable for all patients. An oral and maxillofacial radiologist should be consulted when the interpretation of the study is beyond the scope of the practitioner.


Arthrography; Cone-beam computed tomography; Imaging; MRI; Panoramic; TMJ.

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