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What Is a Gradient in Machine Learning?

Gradient is a commonly used term in optimization and machine learning. For example, deep learning neural networks are fit using stochastic gradient descent, and many standard optimization algorithms used to fit machine learning…

Learning what makes the nucleus tick

Two FRIB researchers create computer model to help explain and make nuclear discoveries Credit: Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Michigan State University’s Witold Nazarewicz has a simple way to describe the complex work he

What Is Semi-Supervised Learning

Semi-supervised learning is a learning problem that involves a small number of labeled examples and a large number of unlabeled examples. Learning problems of this type are challenging as neither supervised nor unsupervised learning…

Tune XGBoost Performance With Learning Curves

XGBoost is a powerful and effective implementation of the gradient boosting ensemble algorithm. It can be challenging to configure the hyperparameters of XGBoost models, which often leads to using large grid search experiments that are…

Rust detection using machine learning on AWS

Visual inspection of industrial environments is a common requirement across heavy industries, such as transportation, construction, and shipbuilding, and typically requires qualified experts to perform the inspection. Inspection…

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