Spring 2018 Highlights: How to Get the Help Your Practice Needs

Nurse Meeting With Teenage Girl In Modern Hospital

Spring is officially over but before you move on into summer, take a moment to reflect on the season that has just passed. Here are five of our best posts from the spring. Each focuses on a different method of support to help you run a successful neurology practice. Enjoy these 2018 spring highlights.


Should You Add a Health Coach to Your Team?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking there is a single model for practicing neurology—try to see as many patients as you can fit into a day without sacrificing quality of care. But the practice of neurology has been complicated with increasing insurance and regulatory requirements. Find out how a health coach can help boost the efficiency of your office and improve patient care. READ MORE >

Receptionist handing papers to patientPOST #2

Why the Success of Your Practice Starts at Your Front Desk

When was the last time you called your own front desk to see how your staff come across? They are your proxy, and the first impression they make matters. Neurologist Brad Klein, MD, MBA, talks about this and the myriad ways the people at your front desk contribute to the success of your practice. When you make the most of them, you can focus on what you do best—being a doctor. READ MORE >


Neurology APPs Have Officially Arrived: Should You Consider Adding One to Your Practice?

This spring at the 2018 meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) a new group officially emerged onto the neurology landscape: Advanced Practice Providers (APP). Largely due to the country-wide shortages of neurologists, APPs have been joining neurology practices in increasing numbers. Calli Cook MSN, FNP-C, chair of the newly formed Consortium of Neurology Advanced Practice Providers talks about the value APPs can bring to your practice. READ MORE >


How Patient Portals Can Improve Patient Care and Leave You a Little Less Burned Out

David Evans, MBA, the CEO of a large neurology private practice, along with Calli Leighann Cook, FNP-C, a neurology nurse practitioner, say their experience using patient portals has allowed them to simultaneously improve patient care and work efficiency. In a talk they gave together this spring at the annual meeting of the American Association of Neurology, they also shared ways that patient portals can actually save a practice money. READ MORE >

Doctor walking with head downPOST #5

The Financial Cost of Burnout

Burnout is more than just a touchy-feely problem tied to the shoulders of those who struggle with it. It is becoming a national health crisis and there are real financial consequences. Neurologist Heidi Schwarz, MD, helps us understand where these costs come from and how they can be remedied. READ MORE >

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