Say Cheese: How Munching On This Can Help Your Smile

cheese two

Many already know that chowing down on cheese can provide tremendous benefits for your teeth, but we wanted to throw out three more tips!

Dig in with the following dental thoughts in mind; they can make all the difference.

1. What Kind Of Cheese You Choose

A highly-processed option is not going to be your best bet. Try to stick with quality cheeses! Take a look at the label for clues. Where was it made? What does the ingredient list tell you?

It is also worth noting that a cheese with other food items in it might require a bit more research.

2. What It Is Paired With

Sipping wine while sampling tasty cheese can be lovely, but it can also influence your oral health (or even just whether or not you end up with tooth stains). Just be cautious of this. Fruits and fibrous veggies are a pretty solid choice, generally speaking.

3. How Often You Eat It

Obvious, yes? Too much or too little isn’t fantastic for your health, in most cases. 

See you in a bit!

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