Reasons behind Silent Heart Attack in Women

The rate of heart attacks in women is much high than men. There are two types of heart attacks like cardiac arrest and silent attack. In the first type of heart attack, you will observe certain symptoms with your naked eyes while the second type is very hard to understand. Well, the reason of silent heart attack is very confusing. So, here are some top reasons to know why this silent heart attack happens:


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  1. High cholesterol and high blood pressure is always the reason of silent heart attack. Basically, the cholesterol accumulated in the arteries wall and this lead to health issue which is called atherosclerosis. Well in this problem, the arteries become narrow and the flow of the blood gets reduced. Blood brings oxygen to heart with the help of arteries. When the blood flow gets affected then there is proximity of heart attack increases.
  2. Drinking and smoking to maximum extent for a woman is very dangerous. Now, this is again a top reason for woman to face silent heart attack. Smoking causes damage of the artery lines, which narrowed the arteries and develop atheroma, which is a fatty substance. This completely affects the oxygen flow to the heart and leads to heart attack.
  3. Old age and obesity are another major reason of heart attack. Too much fat in the body narrows and even blocks the arteries. This blocks the heart to get proper blood and oxygen and lead to heart attack or Angina.

It is always said that “prevention is better than cure” and that is why if you want to control the risk of heart attack, you need to leave the habit of smoking and drinking. If you have these problems, then always keep phone number handy of a Heart Specialist in Kolkata. It will help you consult with the doctor instantly. Taking a reference from an expert is always helpful to avoid such medical condition. Cardiologist in Kolkata offers all types of medical assistance to a person suffering from any above problems. Hence, it is very important that you should take care of your health before it’s too late.

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