PPA Support Group

We are very excited to share the news with you about the new PPA support group we’re starting in Tulsa!
Primary progressive aphasia is a progressive disorder that affects the language centers in the brain and causes impaired verbal and written language expression and comprehension that gets worse over time. It is a rare condition that is not widely known, and currently there are no active support groups in our area.
We work frequently with PPA at SNR and are working to get a nationally registered support group together for individuals with PPA and their caregivers in the Tulsa area. If you or anyone you know has primary progressive aphasia, please send them our way to participate in this free new community resource with us! The group is designed to be a casual informal monthly meeting where everyone can share their stories, tips, advice, and support and ask the SLPs any questions they may have.
To register, call our office to be added to the list at 918-928-4700 or register online here. A date for the first meeting will be set once we complete the process of registering with the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration and collaborate with all registered participants to select the best date/time for everyone who has expressed interest.
We are beyond excited for the first day of our new group and hope that you will join us!

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