Penile Enhancement at Westlake Plastic Surgery (Yes, Really)

penile enhancement - penis enlargement at Westlake Plastic SurgeryA day doesn’t pass when I don’t get an inquiry about penile enhancement. It seems that a lot of guys out there are interested in making their privates bigger, commonly known as penis enlargement surgery. Although there are many offerings of impressive results and “satisfaction guaranteed” promises, unfortunately pills, lotions, potions and devices simply won’t make your manhood larger. There is money to be made from men out there willing to try almost anything for an inch or two.

I have learned much over my 30 years of practicing the art of plastic surgery. If there was something that worked consistently well with minimal complications I would probably get in line as well – but that is simply not the case. Surgery to enhance the penis hasn’t panned out and the non-surgical alternatives fit into the category of “snake oil remedies”—except for the best alternative in the world and yet no one talks about it! The solution to the problem is free, has no complications and you don’t need to engage the health care system.

If you want to add mojo to your manhood I highly recommend that you both lose weight and take a razor or trimmer to your pubic hair…………………I’m not kidding.

Men generally carry our weight in our midsections, and our bellies sit above our junk, therefore, the larger your belly, the smaller your junk. It’s all about proportions and they don’t work in your favor if you have a big belly, it’s truly that simple. It should be noted that unlike women whose assets can get more impressive with weight gain (think breasts and buttocks), men’s assets get smaller with weight gain. I know, it isn’t fair.

The second remedy is the hair trimmer, which I recommend in combination with losing weight for the best results. If you take the forest down you will be shocked how much larger that man looks. It’s simply amazing – Try it, you’ll like it! I suggest an electric beard trimmer set on a short setting and let ‘er fly! You want to see the tree in the forest, so by removing the forest that lone tree sits proud and distinguished.

So there you have it. The solution for penile enhancement couldn’t be easier. I’ll admit the hard part is the weight loss but think of all the extra health benefits that come along with weight loss. You will not only enlarge your privates, your health will benefit, you will look better and all these positives combine to make for one really happy guy.

Lose the gut and get it cut

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