Packing List For Your FTM Surgery

Undergoing transgender cosmetic surgery is a big but rewarding step. Some people travel to have their surgery, in which case you will likely be staying in a hotel or with a friend while you recoup. Others are able to have their procedure done close to home. We’ve broken it down to give you an idea of what you need to pack, whether you are having the surgery at home or travelling for it.

Packing List For Your FTM Surgery

  • Clothing: Bring your most comfortable attire. You will need to avoid buttons, zippers, and buckles after your surgery since you will be healing and will have trouble moving in the days that follow. Invest in some loose-fitting, snap button shirts. These are easy to put on and are roomy enough to accommodate your post-op bandages. You should also bring a pair of slip-on shoes so you don’t have to bend down to tie your shoes.

  • Toiletries: To help with your healing, you won’t be able to fully lift your arms over your head after surgery, so washing your hair could be an issue. You don’t have to pack shampoo, unless you will be asking someone to wash your hair for you. You should, however, bring soap/body wash because you’ll be able to take a shower towards the end of your first week after surgery.

  • Medications: Fill any prescriptions for painkillers and antibiotics before your surgery. Furthermore, you should ask your doctor about allergy medication and stool softeners. Some people report that they are itchy following transgender cosmetic surgery or experience constipation.

  • Luggage: You need something that you can hold at your side (or let a friend hold for you) because you will want to avoid lifting your arms after surgery. Moreover, luggage with wheels that you have to drag behind you may prove uncomfortable. The same goes for backpacks as they will put extra strain on your new chest.

  • Miscellaneous: Some people bring a neck pillow with them for the car ride home after surgery. You can also use this pillow while you recover since you will need to sleep propped up instead of lying down. Bringing entertainment with you (books, magazines, e-readers, handheld games, your phone) is also a good idea since you may be waiting a few hours as your doctor preps for your transgender cosmetic surgery.

No matter if you are having your transgender cosmetic surgery close to home or somewhere far away, this packing list ensures you are bringing the items essential to ensure your comfort.


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