Our Game-Changing SkinPen Procedure: Yay! No Blood Required. Part 2

A better way to get your growth factors.

I left off Part 1 of my last (vampirish) article with the question of whether there was an easier way to acquire and use growth factors for microneedling than drawing blood and using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Could we find a product with a consistent yield of the growth factors that we want to help with healing and anti-aging instead? In a word, yes.

Enter AnteAGE 

What AnteAGE allows us to do is bypass the acquisition of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for their content of growth factors and go directly to the growth factors themselves.

In essence, we are omitting the intermediary step to get to the next level of skin care technology. It’s sort of like developing countries who implement their telephone communication systems by bypassing landlines and going directly to cell phones.

It starts in the bones, not in the blood.


Several different types of cells produce growth factors (GF’s). Research has shown that some of the most important cells for this are bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSC). These cells are able to differentiate into many different cell lines and are the cells that are primarily used for tissue regeneration. And, they are the best cells at producing GF’s, compared to platelets, fibroblasts, or adipocytes (fat cells).

But there’s more to it than that.

Different growth factors do different things. Their effect on inflammation is key. Some GF’s promote inflammation and are “pro-inflammatory,” and others reduce inflammation, “anti-inflammatory.” While inflammation is a key element of wound healing, it can be detrimental to tissues in terms of aging, especially if it happens over and over again. This is referred to as chronic inflammation.

What is best for anti-aging and wound healing are the anti-inflammatory GF’s and these come from the bone marrow as opposed to the platelet derived growth factors from PRP which contain pro-inflammatory GF’s.

AnteAGE MD Stem | GF & Cytokines


While we were researching what to do with the whole PRP issue, we discovered AnteAGE MD. These products contain the anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokine signaling molecules which are derived and cultured from pristine human bone marrow, BM-MSC’s.  They’re pre-packaged and require no blood drawing in the office (Sorry, Dracula).

So, patients get the boost they’re looking for without inflammation, especially important for those who have irritation from some skin care products. Their daily use products are great and at the very least on par with our TNS Serum from SkinMedica. But that’s not the best part.

You could call it a “Growth Factor Facial”

The AnteAGE MD MicroNeedling Solution is the real game-changer. When we originally started looking at PRP what we really wanted were growth factors that we could use with our SkinPen procedures. This solution gives us exactly what we are looking for: an easily obtained, consistent product of anti-inflammatory GF’s individually packaged with a roller ball specifically for microneedling. It also contains Hyaluronic acid and recombinant Transforming Growth Factor Beta 3 which really tamps the inflammation. It’s a total home run for patients.
AnteAGE MD vs. PRP

AnteAGE MD Growth Factors PRP
Requires blood draw, and waiting time for centrifuge No Yes
Quantitative amount of growth factors We know exactly what we’re putting into the skin. Impossible to know.
Results A real “wow” factor. Same as microneedling without it.
Inflammation factor Anti-inflammatory Highly pro-inflammatory
Product consistency and application Roller ball gel suspension designed for microneedling  Runny and messy
Cost Included in the package price $300

So, if you are up for a real treat, have a Growth Factor Facial, or GFF. It will definitely be your BFF. Buffy agrees.

All-in with Growth Factors.


If there is one thing that really has caught our attention in the last year, it’s growth factors. They, without a doubt, are for real and make a noticeable difference. The PRP facial may very well be snake oil, a common phenomenon in the world of aesthetics and plastic surgery, but we can assure you that growth factors are here to stay. Indeed, it will be exciting to see how growth factors continue to be developed and used. For now, we are loving our AnteAGE and so will you.

All the best,

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David B. Reath, MD
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