Onward: 3 More Oral Care Tips For Hikers

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Calling all hikers! Long ago, we dished out some knowledge about how to prevent oral care issues when you’re trekking out on the trail (in a nutshell, protect your skin and your smile from the sun, stay hydrated and bring along dental essentials).

Well, we have a few more tips to offer up.

1.  Stay Away From Certain Chewy Snacks

Granola bars may seem convenient, but some options are loaded with a shocking amount of sugar. Beyond that, they are often sticky, meaning that left-behind food particles end up hanging around on your teeth. Eek.

2. Put Down The Sport Drinks

Yup. These often do more harm than good. Want to keep your body feeling refreshed? Sip on water!

If you are worried about not replenishing certain nutrients, read up on this, rather than relying solely on the information splashed across the label of a sports drink bottle! You can also eat a healthy meal before and after you start your trek.

3. Pack Smart

No need to lug around a full-sized toothbrush, floss and toothpaste. Go mini instead! And consider picking up a few floss “picks” to save space in your toiletry bag.

Get out there!

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