Midwest Neurology Associates Help Patients Avoid Lost Wages and Unemployment

As many Americans admit these days, the burden of chronic pains cannot be understated. As a report by the Institute of Medicine recently indicated, over 300 million dollars in productivity was lost in 2017 as a result of debilitating chronic pains and other untreated medical conditions.

Workers across the United States report chronic pains that render them unable to complete their work happily and successfully. In fact, chronic pain extends far outside the American workplace.

Utilizing the latest medical technologies, best procedures and practices, in the hands of the finest board-certified physicians, Midwest Neurology Associates brings pain management to the region of Merrillville, IN, and beyond.

Controlling Pain, Controlling Work

By diagnosing and pinpointing the direct and indirect causes of chronic conditions, the doctors and medical experts at Midwest Neurology Associates have brought relief to countless patients and communities in the Indiana area. Aiding retired seniors, students, stay-at-home parents, as well as workers, they examine every symptom and its underlying condition. Understanding that pain can debilitate anyone, the physicians at Midwest focus their efforts and energies, treating everything from headaches, chronic back pains, and other neuro-critical states.

Beginning at a consultation, diagnosis, and then every step of the patient care process, Midwest Neurology Associates allow workers to understand their ailments and potential treatment plans available to them.

Headaches, Back Pains, and Discomfort

When they assess a patient’s symptoms, the neurologists near Merrillville, IN then devise a plan that is tailored specifically to their patient, their lifestyle, and their condition. Once a strategy has been formulated by their doctors, Midwest Neurology Associates employs nerve blocks, infusion therapies, Botox, and medications to minimize the pain of cluster headaches, migraines, tension and other chronic ailments.

As their board-certified physicians know all too well, chronic back pains may manifest without an accident or related injury. Only by thoroughly understanding a patient’s medical history and state can their physicians ensure that chronic pains finally wane.

Unaffected by pains during the workday and with hours of rest, workers can increase their productivity and their personal happiness. Secure physically and mentally, they’ll protect their employment, as well as their own company, coworkers, friends, and families.

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