Memory & Toxic Exposure: Many Ways to Regain Your Brain

What is toxic exposure? How do you know if you have it? Toxic exposure can cover a variety of things, including self-inflicted toxins (such as drugs, and alcohol), medical treatments such as chemotherapy, and environmental exposures to carbon monoxide or mold. It can be very difficult to know that you are suffering from one of these toxins, unless you know specifically to look for it.

Can Toxins Attack Your Brain?

Too often, memory problems are dismissed as something that happens with age, or because of life being too busy and we don’t take the proper steps to realize that this may be a symptom of something larger.

When these toxins attack the brain, they affect one’s ability to learn, love, and behave. It may feel like your spouse is always forgetting something, but could it be something bigger? When there is a sudden change in personality, mood, memory, or sleep, it’s important to investigate the possible causes that may not seem as obvious.

Is it Depression or is it Mold?

Toxic mold exposure has also been linked to more serious, long-term effects such as:

• Memory loss
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Confusion
• Trouble concentrating

In many cases mold, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other toxins damage the brain and result in decreased neurological function including memory loss, small personality changes, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms that often lead to misdiagnosis. It’s important to realize that this toxic exposure and its effects on the internal structure of your brain can trigger both long and short-term effects that may be treatable.

What Can You Do If Your Suffering from Toxic Exposure?

In our experience, there is a way for recovery. At Amen Clinics we have successfully treated many people with toxic looking brains, which is why it is important to look at your brain before we try to treat it. Get information on how Amen Clinics can help by calling 888-288-9834 or schedule a visit online today.

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