Memory Loss Treatments

Memory Loss 5.16.18Everyone forgets things from time to time, but you may wonder if your memory loss is normal or if it needs treatment. It’s a common question, especially as people get older.

What Are Some Common Causes of Memory Loss?

Memory loss can have many different causes, including the following:

  • Medications – including antidepressants, antihistamines, pain medications, and sleeping pills
  • Sleep deprivation – too little sleep as well as poor-quality sleep
  • Alcohol – excessive consumption
  • Smoking – reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain
  • Illegal drugs – can alter the chemicals in your brain
  • Depression and anxiety –  tension and a distracted mind
  • Stroke – can cause short-term memory loss
  • Head injury – a traumatic blow to the head may cause short & long-term memory loss but may improve over time
  • Poor nutrition – deficiencies in vitamin B1 and B12
  • Dementia – progressive memory loss that is most often caused by Alzheimer’s disease

Who Suffers From Memory Loss?

Memory loss can affect almost anyone, since its causes are so varied. For example, a blow to the head or medication-related memory loss can affect people of all ages.

The older you get, the more likely you are to experience memory loss. Just as your body changes, so does your brain. It may take longer to learn new things and recall information.

How Can You Avoid Memory Loss?

The following tips may help you avoid memory loss:

Keep your mind active

Exercise your mind just as you would your body – activities such as crossword puzzles and learning a new skill, such as playing a musical instrument.

Socialize regularly

Contact with friends will help ward off depression and anxiety, which can cause memory problems

Make sleep a priority

Create a comfortable sleep environment and make time to get enough sleep every night

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet is important for your overall health and well-being, including your memory

Stay active

Activities such as walking increase the blood flow to your brain, which may help your memory

Take care of your overall health

Chronic conditions can negatively affect your memory, make sure to see your doctor regularly to help manage these conditions and be sure to follow their recommendations

What Are Some Symptoms of Memory Loss?

Some types of memory loss, such as forgetting which word to use or losing things from time to time, may be related to normal aging. The following symptoms, however, may indicate Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Asking the same questions repeatedly
  • Forgetting how to complete a familiar task
  • Putting items in places that don’t make sense – such as your keys in the refrigerator
  • Experiencing mood changes for no apparent reason
  • Getting lost on a trip you take often, such as going to your regular grocery store

What Are Some Treatments for Memory Loss?

The type of treatment you may receive depends on the cause of your memory loss. For example, a medication that’s causing memory loss can be changed to another type.

For memory loss related to Alzheimer’s disease, an early diagnosis can better help you manage the disease.

If you’re experiencing memory loss, make an appointment today with the specialists at Complete Neurological Care in NYC. We have convenient locations throughout NYC and in New Jersey, and our neurologists can accurately diagnose and treat your neurological concerns.

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