Learn to Survive a Heart Attack When you are Alone

Heart attacks can happen any time. Calling out of help is indeed the first instinct once you suffer a heart attack. That’s not a problem when you are in the company of people but what if you suffer a heart attack when you are alone! Learn to survive a heart attack when alone.

First things first; recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. Yes, you need to be able to identify the symptoms of heart attack. The classical symptoms of an attack may include –

Survive a Heart Attack When You are Alone

  • Severe chest pain
  • Chest pain that radiate to your left upper arm, neck or jaw
  • Profuse sweating

Although these are the classical symptoms of heart attack however the elderly ones, diabetics and often the females may develop the non-classical symptoms, which includes but not limited to shortness of breath, nausea, mild chest pain and also pain at the upper central portion of the abdomen. Recognize the symptoms and call for help.

Doesn’t really matter if you are in company or alone, the first thing is to call for medical help once you experience these symptoms. You need specialized treatment to save your heart muscles from further damage. Stop whatever you are doing and call for medical help.

In most of the cases heart attack is caused by the formation of the blood clot in one of the blood vessels, which is responsible in supplying blood to the heart. This may result in heart blockage, causing damage to the heart muscle. You may take an aspirin during the heart attack. It will help in preventing the clot from getting bigger thus giving your body the much needed time to break down the blood clot. However stay away from doing any kind of self-medication and look for emergency medical help. Keep in mind; coughing vigorously won’t help you much if you are experiencing a heart attack. In certain rare cases where the heart beat is slow due to any kind of abnormal reflex mechanism, coughing still may help in restoring the normal heart rhythm however that’s not the solution in a heart attack.

Statistical records demonstrate more than 70% of the cardiac arrests occur either at the public places or at home. In many cases it has been observed that the next person who is nearest to the victim is often just a bystander without any medical expertise such as a friend, colleague, relative or a passer-by. If they could promptly provide CPR to the victim, his chances of death are significantly reduced. Learn how to perform CPR in the correct way.

Here a few lifestyle changes for you to consider to keep your heart in good shape –

  • Stop smoking
  • Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control
  • Treat Obesity & diabetes
  • Eat a Heart-Healthy
  • Consult a heart specialist

Commit to a heart healthy lifestyle and consult with a cardiologist in Kolkata to keep your heat in top – notch condition!

Stay well.

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