Laser Hair Removal: The Simpler Solution That Lasts

When patients visit our practice from places like Saratoga Springs, NY, they often express that laser hair removal can sound daunting or excessive. However, after we discuss the process and benefits, they decide that it can make their lives a whole lot easier.

First, let’s set the stage a bit.

You’ve tried everything. Shaving is a time-consuming chore that lasts a couple days at most. Additionally, razor burn, nicks, and ingrown hairs can be unavoidable. Waxing is painful because your hair is being ripped out by the root. It also requires a substantial amount of stubble to be effective, so there are periods of time when you have to wait for that unwanted hair to grow back. Hair removal creams have chemicals in them that can irritate sensitive skin — not to mention the unbearable smell that can linger on your skin and clothes.

The traditional hair removal techniques are both a waste of time and short-lived. For many men and women, laser hair removal is a much more reasonable option. It can even be used on the most sensitive skin with no damage to the dermis.

How does laser hair removal work?

Lasers produce a beam of light. The color of light produced by a laser is the key to its effect on hair follicles. Light is emitted by the laser at a wavelength that harmlessly passes through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, essentially “popping” the hair out of the follicle.

It is safe to use practically anywhere you have unwanted hair. Some common places for treatment include underarms, the bikini area, arms, legs, and face. Men often get treatment on their backs and chests.

We use the LightSheer® DUET™ laser because it’s an improvement over its predecessor.

The DUET is safe and effective for skin of all colors and types. Before this improved laser, it was difficult to target the hair on individuals with darker skin tones, which made it more difficult to get the best results. The LightSheer Duet has customizable settings, making it effective for all skin types. This new laser makes the procedure more comfortable than you might expect. Lastly, the DUET is precise and fast in comparison to other lasers.

While laser hair removal on the legs can take an average of 60 minutes, the DUET cuts the time down to an average of 20 minutes. Most patients need around 4 to 8 treatments, with about 4 weeks in between.

Our highly experienced estheticians have been extensively trained on the use of lasers and have exceptional records of safety and effectiveness.

No topical anesthetic or treatment gel is needed for DUET treatments. The special handpiece applies gentle suction to the skin, which increases both patient comfort and treatment effectiveness. You no longer need to feel the burning pain that traditional lasers cause.

While it may be expensive, it can be an investment that truly pays off.

Laser hair removal has come a long way from its start. The original lasers were much slower, more painful, and only worked on certain skin types and hair colors. Our more modern technology can drastically reduce hair growth on most men and women.

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