Interactive art installation celebrates the NHS at 70

An art installation showing the ways and lengths to which the NHS cares for patients has been put on display at BMA House.

Designed to coincide with the NHS’ 70th anniversary celebrations, the display consists of a nine-metre-long series of marble runs, each utilising various pieces of medical equipment such as latex gloves, syringes and bed pans.

A marble is placed into the run, with the length of time taken to reach the end designed to represent the average amount the NHS spends on treating patients from different age groups.

BMA treasurer Andrew Dearden said that each run was a unique and inspiring representation of the important role the health service has played over the past seven decades.

He said: ‘We are delighted to be able to mark the 70th birthday of the NHS by displaying such an inspiring and innovative piece of art work at our headquarters here at BMA House.

‘The artists have done an incredible job of showcasing the importance of the NHS and the varying role it has played for people throughout each stage of their lives – a testament to its profound and enduring impact since 1948.’

The installation was put together by Tom Chambers and Theo Papatheodorou from creative technology studio Random Quark and artist Jessie Wolpert, and will be on display at BMA House until 3 August.

Watch the making of the artwork:


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