Infusion Therapy: An Alternative to Oral Medications

Today in the medical field, there exists an ongoing debate as to the efficacy, and reliance on prescribing oral medications. Because of the tremendous array of medical conditions and pharmaceuticals available to treat them, nearly any drug may be administered either orally or by infusion therapy.

Here at the Midwest Neurology Associates, our board-certified neurologists, nutritionists, and medical experts bring pain management to areas like Merrillville, IN through our study and careful treatment of disorders like multiple sclerosis. In our professional experience, it is in the interest of our patients and the medical profession that we invest in technologies and techniques like infusion therapy, so as to avoid the dangers and risks often tied to oral medications.

IVs or Infusions?

Although terminology may differ from practice to practice, IVs or infusion therapies include the delivery of medication directly into your bloodstream; often by needle or tube. With IVs, the delivery method is usually a thin plastic tube, otherwise called a catheter. By design, the catheter allows a nurse or healthcare provider to accurately and carefully administer doses of medication without the use of a needle.

In almost all cases, patients do not administer intravenous medications to themselves. With access to a pain management clinic in Dyer, IN, anyone can visit our experts at the Midwest Neurology Associates and have our trained staff ensure that correct dosages are safely and comfortably administered, in a relaxed and professional environment.

Pump and Drip

When we discuss and employ infusion therapies with you at Midwest Neurology Associates, we generally mean two types—pump, and drip infusions. Within the United States, you are most likely to see pump infusions utilized in a hospital or medical clinic. In such cases, what you receive through your catheter or needle is a medication in a sterile saline solution. Our medical practitioners utilize pump infusions when we want to ensure the most precise, and smoothest doses of a medication—like Magnesium or Ketamine.
Utilizing the science of gravity, drip infusions do exactly what you imagine—they drip with a constant amount of medication over a predetermined interval. Usually, drip infusion will be sourced from a bag, tube, and catheter.

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